Pole Shipping is a Swiss company, established in Geneva in 1990, as Ship-brokers active in liquid products

Permanent and fast reacting assistance

Our company has direct access to most cargoes and Ship-owners we quote, but when necessary, can also count on a close and fair co-operation with selected partners around the world in order to ensure that all markets are properly monitored 24 hours a day.

Our services are rendered with the assistance of the most modern and efficient communication means, hence ensuring a permanent and fast reacting assistance.

ISO 9001 quality standards

In accordance with all actions taken by our company since its foundation, and in order to meet our customer's expectations, since 1996 our management has implemented the ISO 9001 quality standards. These standards aim to:

  • Satisfy our Client and procure them with peace of mind
  • Optimize logistics
  • Enhance the competence and motivation of our team
  • Maintain the standards of our internal management
  • Respect professional commitments and ethics
  • Minimize costs