Pole Shipping is serviced by a very supportive and knowledgeable Operations team

Operations/Post fixing

Each voyage contracted by our Chartering team is closely followed by a dedicated person in our Operations department. We provide our Clients with all necessary information, and will ensure the follow up of any C/P requirements, including during weekends and holidays, thanks to the efforts and diligence of our team.

Our operators establish voyage records and track all events/relevant communications, in order assist you throughout the charter party period or voyage. They, and the entire team, will keep you duly posted about:

  • Vessel ETA/itinerary update/berthing prospects
  • Voyage instructions
  • Stowage plan
  • MSDS and Tanks Washing Criteria
  • Port restrictions and agent contact details
  • B/L and LOI issuance
  • Invoicing and payment follow-up