Our tanker chartering department is served by a team of experienced brokers and operators.

The Products & the routes

Our brokers are specialized in both short and deep sea markets for various parcel sizes, focusing on products such as:

  • Organic & inorganic Chemicals
  • Phosphoric, sulfuric, nitric acids & liquid fertilizers
  • Refined, industrial & fuel ethanols
  • Vegetable & Tropical oils & molasses
  • Biodiesels, clean and dirty petroleum products

Although our coverage is worldwide, we tend to concentrate on tailor made enquiries in any specific area.

Tanker chartering

We provide dedicated and optimized serviced to Producers, Traders and Ship-owners around the globe. Our team will bring you comprehensive knowledge and will assist on your various chartering requests, including but not limited to Spot fixtures, Contracts of Affreightments and Time-Charters.